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Banana Rollers

Banana Rollers Manufacturer

The Expander Rollers we offer consist of bowed shafts, sealed ball bearings, abrasion resistant sleeve and metal segments. These are widely used as wrinkle remover devices in various industries and are available with us in various dimensions. Further, these are also supplied with gear box and mounting brackets which can either be Foot Mounted or Wall Mounted.

These types of expanders are most commonly used for Plastic Industry, Flexible Packaging Industry, pulp and paper industries, textile industries etc. for removing wrinkles from the web material. Also this product is widely known as Wrinkle Removers, Banana Rollers & Bow Rollers.

We are the reputed provider & producer of Variable Bow Expanders. We also offer a wide range of Web Handling Equipments, Core Holding Device and Rolls according to the various Industrial Applications.We offer various ranges of variable bow expanders which are in high demand at the marketplace. Variable Bow Expanders are accessible in various sizes and types of rubbers. These rollers consist of metal segments, bowed shaft, sealed ball bearing and abrasion resistant rubber sleeve.

  • radial run-out tolerance up to 0,5 mm
  • various types for dry as well as wet application, with corresponding sealing preventing liquids from entering
  • Shaft diameter 35 to 60 mm
  • sealed maintenance-free ball-bearing
  • Bowed shaft made from steel or high-grade steel
  • EPDM or NBR rubber coating
  • Major diameter of rubber coating up to 125 mm
  • shaft ends according to customer's request
  • bow adjusting possible
  • ovalness up to 0,3 mm

Application of Expander in various sections of paper mills :
  • Reeling: Prevents folding prior to reeling. Produces good, hard and smooth reels.
  • Wire Section : Keeps web width spread and prevents wrinkles in the wire / fabric.
  • Dryer Section On sheet : Prevents wrinkles and keeps sheet smooth on the surface of dryer cylinder. Can also be used to stretch sheets and increase width.
  • Press Section : Keeps felts wide, wrinkle free, weave open and seam straight. Improves felt Cleaning, drainage and provides longer felt life.
  • On felt (instead of felt rolls) : Improves moisture profile and reduces wet centers of the sheet. Adjusts the running control of the wire.
  • Before the size press : Keeps the sheet under even cross tension before saturation.
  • After the size press : Wrinkles are eliminated due to absorption of moisture. Slack centers and edges are controlled.
  • Super calender : Keeps the paper under even tension and wrinkle- free while entering the stack. In addition, calender roll wear is reduced.
  • Calender : Keeps web smooth, even and free of loose ends. Reduces grinding intervals on calender rolls.
  • Coating Machine : Stowe Woodward spreader rolls eliminate wrinkles in the paper sheet if installed before and after any type of coating machine.