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Carbon Fiber Rubber Roller

Do you know what Carbon Fiber is?

Carbon fiber is among those polymers it has five to ten times more powerful than steel and double solid. Being a quite powerful and light material, it's perfect for building a broad assortment of structures, for example carbon fiber Roller. Due to the countless properties of this item, it's perhaps one of the very most sought after materials by designers and engineers!.

Our Best Carbon-fiber Rubber Rollers:

Backed by a business connection with four years, internationally reputed Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd., India has come out with a ground breaking solution, carbon-fiber Rubber Roller. Carbon fiber can be an perfect manufacturing material! Crafted sticking with strict “Quality Policy", the industry-centric advanced light carbon-fiber Rubber Roller is also light consistent using low-inertia. Fabricated using contemporary technology and tools, the Carbon Fiber Composite Idler Rollers is clinically determined to characteristics that are exemplary, for example approximately 8 to ten times more powerful than steel & Aluminum, 75% lighter than steel, more 30-35% lighter than Aluminum, also convenient for high-speed software among some others. The sturdiness of this product enormously affects company advancement. Carbon fiber is tailor-made for businesses. Due to durability in contrast to aluminum and steel, it hastens business advancement. Carbon fiber is one of the most recent improvements to structural substances, used to manage a wide variety of structures. But, its properties are all exceptional, which makes it suited to the manufacturing industry. Our scope is crafted with interlocking raw material and also contrasts with a benchmarks, be assured.

Custom designed Solutions

Facilitated with our modern infrastructure and expertise of an astonishing team we deliver custom designed carbon-fiber Rubber Roller. If you're interested in finding a professional to provide tailor-made options for the manufacturing company then let us join to get a mutually beneficial connection!

Unique Features

  • Strength- 8 to 10 times more powerful than Steel & Aluminum
  • 75 percent Quicker compared to Steel
  • 30-35percent lighter than Aluminum
  • Rigidity- 2.5 times larger compared to Aluminum
  • Stiffness- Special endurance is elevated
  • Damping- Vibration damping Is Quite non
  • Acceptable for Highspeed software
  • Moment of Inertia- Low
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Thermal Expansion- quite reduced earning dimensionally very stable
  • Permanent
  • Exemplary tensile power
  • Electrically conductive
  • Application

  • Coater / laminator
  • Separator
  • The film, nonwoven fabric, and metal foliage
  • Slitter
  • Glass substrate therapy
  • Printer
  • Industry

  • Packaging Industry