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Lamination Rubber Roller

Lamination Rollers Manufacturer

We produce and repair a range of laminator rollers, for a range of applications and in a range of materials (depending on their specific use).

For hot laminating rollers (up to 220oC), we would recommend using a high- release silicone compound from 40 to 80 shore A, as this compound is capable of withstanding such temperatures.

For hot lamination rollers, where temperatures will not exceed 150oC (and high load, abrasion and wear are considerations), then we would recommend using a synthetic rubber compound. These could include Hypalon, Carboxylated Nitrile and EPDM

For cold lamination applications (especially those where higher loads are the main consideration), we would recommend using a polyurethane compound

Lamination applications, include:
  • Printed circuit board laminators.
  • Cold lamination
  • Paper laminators
  • Hot lamination.
  • Dry film laminators