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Rubber Expander Roller

Rubber Expander Roller Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturer of Rubber Expander Rollers, Bow Roll, Banana Rolls. These Rubber Expanders are available at different ranges and prices in the market as per the demand of our clients. The important advantage of these products is that they are especially used as wrinkle remover devices in different types of industries. The performance rate of these products is very high. They are available at affordable prices in the market that is why they are highly demanded. These products are generally used for the removal of wrinkles.

expanders are especially used for delicate materials such as very thin film but also in the paper, nonwovens and textile industry.

The latest variety of Rubber we have in store is:
  • Fluoro Polymer Sleeved Expander Roller (Nonstick)
  • Metal Expander Roller
  • Rubber Expander Roller
  • Vary Bow Expander Roller

The performance of our Rubber Expander Roller (Bow Rollers) depends upon the following points:
  • In this, 3 :1 (lead-in: lead-out) ratio is considered to be the perfect. The best results are attained when Bow Roller is perpendicular to the web direction
  • Wrap angle
  • Lead-in & Lead-out distance
  • Position of bow (Adjustable)

Our range of Wrinkle remover devices helps to:
  • Separate slit webs on winder
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Try to even out lateral tension across the web width
  • Control slack edges
  • Eliminate baggy center